About Airtradesmen

If it squeaks and drips, cracks or rusts, falls off all the time or keep hitting your head on it, Airtradesmen has just the thing to fix it! Airtradesmen is the all-round go-to team of guys equipped with every conceivable gadget to solve every householder’s most irritating (and let’s face it, horrible) odd jobs!

We are a friendly bunch of individuals who love helping thousands of people across Sydney. From simple to complicated tasks, Airtradesmen is always here to help you whether it’s general repairs, home maintenance, home improvement, or home renovation. Post your job today and let Airtradesmen find the perfect match for your job offer! For more details, call us today!

Very good work. Keep to my budget but well worth it. Still have the handyman. Very versatile. He can do almost anything. Very good carpentry and assists with ideas.


ASHBURY – 2193

Dear Airtradesmen, I like to thank you for your prompt response and the great job that you have done with our bathroom remodeling. I will be calling you for doing drywall in my garage and fix a few more issue that we have. Keep up the good work.



Hi Peter, thank you for the awesome work that you guys did in my garage by drywall all the walls and build 2 rooms with doors and all. I highly recommend you to my friends and family. Thanks again.


GLEBE – 2037

Thank you Airtradesmen for a wonderful job that you have done on my property in Dee Why on Northern Beaches. The timing was great and I appreciate you finish it earlier than the given date! Thanks for taking out the trash and doing little extra work that you didn’t charge me.


DEE WHY – 2099

Hello my name is Harry and I like to give my testimonial regarding Airtradesmen. I had a list of things that had to be done and thay took care of them in less than a day and also tiling was done in front of my house by Peter as well. I am very happy for their performance and a fast and friendly service. Thank you guys.



To whom it may concern. Hello, my name is Robert and I live in Bankstown. I like to say few workds in this letter regarding job well done by handy people that did my work around my house. I think Airtradesmen deserves the recognition of satisfaction for the magnificent job. Thanks guys!



Hi this is Mike and I like to thank my friends from Airtradesmen for coming to my business and took care of my problem with my doors that I had for a long time and other people couldn’t fix it or they wanted to charge my arm and legs to do. Handy guys did beautiful job and very clean as well.



Thank you Peter. I wanted to finish of the house before I sold it. I didn’t know where to start or what to say. I just like to say that I like the work that Peter from Airtradesmen did. I had an overcharged estimate from another carpenter and Mr Handyman work involve a lot of small things around the house. Also he bult me a fence half the price and bag the whole house, painted it too, new tiles at the front of door and fix up the laundry at the back. Airtradesmen saved me lots of money of being true and honest and I sold the house above market value. God bless


EPPING – 2121

Paul came around to fix a door with a scoopon we had bought. This is all we thought we would get in the two hours. However, he really went the extra mile by doing other jobs that have been on my to do list. A handy guy to know.


REDFERN – 2016